Stephanie Ashley

Bio: Stephanie Ashley is the Director of Business Incubation and Economic Development with the University of South Florida. She is USF’s representative to the incubation industry, building and sustaining collaborations with professionals in the community to assist the development of the Tampa Bay Technology Incubator companies. In addition, she is responsible for establishing and nurturing partnerships with departments throughout the USF System to enhance research activities of faculty, staff, and students, and promote and support best practices in business development and entrepreneurship. Ms. Ashley has deep experience in innovation and entrepreneurial led economic development throughout the state of Florida with the public and nonprofit sectors including the management of the only structured angel investment group in the state, increasing efficiency by streamlining membership management, deal screening and due diligence processes.  She received a bachelor's degree in Political Science and Interdisciplinary Social Science from Florida State University and a Masters of Public Administration from the University of South Carolina. Sign up for my office hours: https://www.slotted.co/tm81vw4j